Barnsgate Spring Lunch

Eighty people from SexMog and HopMog enjoyed the excellent SexMog Annual Spring lunch in the sun at Barnsgate Manor, Sussex. 12th April 2015.
Beautifully organised by Paul and Vikki


Pre-lunch gossip and catching up

SAM_1665 SAM_1666 SAM_1667 SAM_1668 SAM_1671



Lunch in full swing


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Centre Secretary Mike Elliott presents the Morgan Wings to Mike

and Jo Fenwick



Wendy Kingshott takes the wooden spoon




Mike Elliott thanks Paul and Vikki for organising the Lunch


During the lunch Mike Elliott gave a special mention to Dave and Linda Collins for all their help in rescuing Alan, Frances and Wendy during their accident in Scotland and to Quentin and Ann for all their tireless work over the years in organising travel arrangements for the MSCC. Both mentions were loudly applauded.

Morgans in the car park

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