Drive-It-Day Sunday 26 April 2015

Les and Maggie Cornish organised a DRIVE It DAY event which terminated
in a tasty lunch at The Little Silver Country Hotel, St Michael`s Near
Tenterden. In all 72 people came, 14 from SexMog who met at The Boship
Roundabout, 12 from North and East Kent and well over 30 Morgans plus
a Morris 10 attended. We met many other classics en route to the lunch.

Paul and Vikki co-ordinated the SexMog contingent. A very enjoyable
day despite the weather.


SAM_1899 SAM_1898 SAM_1896 SAM_1895 SAM_1894 SAM_1893 SAM_1892 SAM_1891 SAM_1890


With thanks to Paul Hawthorn for the following photographs.


IMGP9699IMGP9701 IMGP9700 IMGP9701 IMGP9705 IMGP9706 IMGP9707