The Highdown – Noggin in Goring, Sunday 13th October, 2019

Forty-five Sexmoggers, which must be one of the largest gatherings for some time, came to The Highdown in heavy rain so only a handful of intrepid morganeers came in their Morgans. This was a superb location, found for us and organised by Dennis and Angela. Our large party were split over 2 rooms. The decor and ambiance of The Highdown are superb and they also have a separate coffee shop and bedrooms. The food was excellent and the roasts of such gargantuan size that some people could not finish them. This is definitely a venue to return to.

The present house was built at Highdown around 1820 and was owned at some time in the 19th century by the Lyons family. In 1909 the house and surrounding grounds were bought by Major, later Sir Frederick Stern and his wife and the gardens created during a period when many expeditions were made to collect rare and beautiful plants. Thanks to Angela and Dennis for organising this event.