Sunday Noggin 8 March 2020. Lunch at The Robin Hood, Icklesham

The Noggin on Sunday, 8th March was organised by Les and Maggie in an area of East Sussex that is familiar to our hosts but maybe not to all of the 40 plus Sexmog members who attended, with a good array of Morgans in the car park. This was a new venue, which made it all the more attractive. Sunday lunch was at The Robin Hood in Icklesham, a very interesting and quirky pub with its own style of decorations including a suit of armour, hop bines on every ceiling and a great array of oriental brass coffee pots in different rooms. The pub was buzzing with Sunday lunch diners and every room was full however Sexmoggers were able to sit together on adjacent tables and catch up with Morgan news. A lottery was taking place amongst the regulars.

There was a great selection of food on the menu and plates were piled high, when the waiters were able to wend their way through the rooms and tables to serve. Prices and the pub`s special offers were well received. Many thanks to Les and Maggie for organising this venue for us.
David Neary





With thanks to Maggie Cornish for the excellent photographs.

And my thanks to David Neary for these, too.