SexMog Noggin Tuesday October 10th at 12.00 The Langham Hotel, Eastbourne

For the second time Karen Dollery and Jeff Deere organised for SexMog to take part in THE LANGHAM LUNCH CLUB at the Langham Hotel in Eastbourne.
After arrival drinks we were treated to a very interesting speech by Neil Sadler entitled ” An Odd Thing Happened Today at the Airport”. Full of anecdotes and stories of sometimes strange and bizarre happenings Neil kept his audience enthralled. He was a police officer at Gatwick, Britain`s second busiest airport. He gave away snippets of information about some well-known people who had behaved badly either on planes or at airports and talked about the consequences of their actions..
After Neil`s talk we enjoyed an excellent lunch. SexMog had been allocated 3 tables ( approx 22 people) and during the lunch and afterwards people were catching up with Morgan news.
Many thanks to Karen and Jeff.
Apparently the next opportunity to take part in a Langham Lunch will be in August 2024.