Drive-It Day Sunday 24 April 2016

At Bateman`s – the house, garden and grounds of Rudyard Kipling. We had 55 people there and 24 Morgans. 11 started from The Powdermills Hotel and 13 went direct to Batemans. Vikki did garden tours and Russell Wakefield and I did tours of the Watermill. We hope everyone enjoyed it. The gardens were at their best, full of Spring flowers.


IMGP1706 IMGP1707 IMGP1710


DSCN2628 DSCN2629 DSCN2630 DSCN2631 DSCN2634 DSCN2635 DSCN2636 DSCN2637 DSCN2639 DSCN2640 DSCN2641 DSCN2642 DSCN2645 DSCN2647 DSCN2649 DSCN2650 DSCN2660 DSCN2663 DSCN2667 DSCN2673 DSCN2677 With thanks to David Neary for most of the photographs.