December Noggin- Perryhill Orchards 3 Dec 2023

It was difficult to find a location for a Noggin in early December as many possible venues had been booked up well in advance and prices had started to climb for Christmas. After having been let down once , we approached the Cafe at PERRYHILL ORCHARDS near Hartfield and they welcomed our group with open arms. The initial problem was that the Cafe had a maximum capacity of 30 people, based on their number of tables and chairs. However they promised to be flexible and our final group numbered 27 people which was a bit of a tight squeeze but with some usual Morgan moving around of furniture everybody was seated.

There was no requirement to preorder from their extensive menu and the 3 people working in the kitchen did an amazing job in preparing food quickly and with lots of smiles! We would like to thank Lynn.Matilda, Harry,Sara and John from the cafe for their sterling work. This was, we think<the first time that Sexmog had had a Noggin in a tea room and we are sure to return.
Due to the heavy rain and cold weather only two couples arrived in Morgans. A collection was made for charity in lieu of sending Christmas cards between Sexmog members.
David and Marilyn