Morgans at Herstmonceux Castle 19 March 2022

Morganeers gathered at Herstmoncoux Castle of Saturday 19 March 2022 to celebrate the life of our late member Robert Hillhouse.

Bob had been an active member of the MSCC when, with his wife Helen, he attended the Sexmog noggin on 8th March 2020; only 2 weeks before the first Covid lockdown. By the time lockdown arrived Bob had already caught Covid and sadly died soon after. In the five or so years that Bob had been a member he and Helen had become regulars at most of the club’s events, both local and national. We remember him very much for his good sense of humour and his Morgan +4 for the fact that it was always gleaming!

In addition to a number of MSCC members and Morgans, those present included a huge number of family and friends from the many different walks of life where Bob had also been very active. Herstmonceaux Castle provided a perfect backdrop for a lovely memorial to him.




With thanks to Pat and Mike Elliott, and to Alan Sharpe for the Castle photograph.