Obituary for John Linfield 1950 – 2014

John and F4 John and Roxy


Sadly I have to report the demise after a long illness of John Linfield (1950-2014).


John had many jobs in his life, ranging from engineer and handyman to fireman. He also had a fascination with the art world, and collected a superb selection of ceramics and glassware.


John loved Morgans from an early age and was a member of both MSCC and MTWC. He had a vast collection of Morgan-related literature and regalia which filled every free space in his house.


His first Morgan was a 1983 4/4 2 seater which was not quick enough for John – like many of us he was a frustrated racing driver. The 1.6 CVH engine was promptly replaced by a 1.9 – John doing all the work himself. From its number plate, the Mog was always referred to as “Roxy”.


He then bought a highly modified three wheeler F2 with a Willment inlet-over-exhaust engine which John could never get to run satisfactorily so he sold it and bought a beautiful F4 with conventional side valves in which he and his wife Maureen travelled many miles.

We shall miss him greatly for his helpful nature, generosity and mechanical knowledge but mostly for his vast wealth of slightly blue and incredibly non-politically-correct jokes.


He is survived by his wife Maureen, two children Wendy and Paul, and by three grandchildren Emma, Jessica and Zack whom he adored.


Dave Collins, Brighton Centre